Friday, April 1, 2011

Northern Pintail at Erskine Lakes

LATEST UPDATE: Northern Pintail still present on Monday, back on the smaller lake - per Bruce Greatwich (11 April)

A female Northern Pintail has again been reported from Erskine Lakes near Mandurah. This is the same location as a female was located in July 2010 and is likely to be the same bird. There are five previous records from Australia (including the 2010 Erskine record), three of which have been from WA.

Northern Pintail at Erskine Lakes

The bird was initially reported on the 30 March by Mark Newman, and was relocated by a number of observers on 1 April. A Glossy Ibis and two male Chestnut Teals have also been present.

Northern Pintail (and Black Swans) at Erskine Lakes

Observers should be aware that another duck at the lakes has been confused with the pintail in the past - see below!

NOT a Northern Pintail - the unusual Anas duck (with Pacific Black Duck) which has also been present at Erskine, causing some confusion to pintail twitchers! 

Northern Pintail at Erskine - this IS the pintail!

Erskine Lakes can be accessed by travelling south along the Mandurah Bypass, over the new traffic bridge, and then turning left at Sticks Boulevard, then left at Abbotswood Park Way. Following Abbotswood Park Way eventually leads to the edge of one of the lakes. The other lake (currently favoured by the pintail) is a short distance to the south.

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  1. I have yet to see this Pintail so I am heading there early Monday I think. I have to get some good photos this time.