Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Albany Pelagic Trip Report - 29 July 2012

Participants: Alan Collins (Organiser), John Graff (Organiser), Ron Broomham, Mark Carter, Rose Ferrell, Stewart Ford, Nigel Jackett, Darryl Jones, Dan Mantle, Glen Murray, Graham Palmer, Leif Reidell, Peter Taylor, Roy Teale, Nathan Waugh

Conditions: Conditions for the trip were a little rougher than the Saturday trip, with NE'ly winds around 10knts in the morning, increasing to around 15knts for the return journey. Seas were forecast to be 1.5m, and the swell was forecast to be 2m, increasing to 2.5m through the day. Overhead conditions were fine and sunny for the majority of the trip, though there was cloud and rain away to the SE

Overall this was a disappointing trip for Albany, especially for regular participants. Only 9 pelagic species were recorded, with no unusual sightings, and it proved difficult to bring any birds in behind the boat. The highlight was another sighting of Orcas (Killer Whales), following on from the sighting on the Saturday trip, though the views were not as good on this occasion.

Great-winged Petrel. Photo courtesy Dan Mantle.

Albany Pelagic Trip Report - 28 July 2012

Participants: Alan Collins (Organiser), John Graff (Organiser), Prue Anderson, Ron Broomham, Martin Cake, Stewart Ford, Nigel Jackett, Liz King, Richard King, Dan Mantle, Robyn Pickering, Jon Pridham, Roy Teale, Nathan Waugh, Gavin White

Conditions: Conditions on the day were relatively calm, with winds less than 10knts all day. Seas were forecast to be less than 1m and swell was forecast to be 1.5-2m. Overhead conditions were mostly overcast, with significant shower (occasionally heavy) activity offshore in the morning

Overall this was an average Albany trip, with 11 pelagic species recorded, and most of the expected species making an appearance. However, no Wandering Albatross were seen for the second Albany pelagic weekend running, and there were no unusual sightings. The highlight of the trip was a group of Orcas (Killer Whales), which showed quite well at our second stop – these represent the first record for WA pelagics.

'Type A' Orcas off Albany- note the shape of eyepatch for type identification. Photo courtesy Dan Mantle.