Monday, February 22, 2016

Western Australia Birder's Totals

There has been much talk in the birding community in WA over the years about replicating the very popular Australian Birding Totals run by Tony Palliser, based on WA alone. Western Australian birders are becoming more focused on their state lists than ever before with the run of extreme rarities in WA in recent years (Hoopoe, Eurasian Hobby, Kamchatka Leaf Warbler).

So I decided to get the ball rolling and set up a state list for birders, the only qualification is that you've seen 300 species or more within WA (see definition below). Just send me your total and I'll add you to the list. When you see a new species, just leave a message on the blog, message me on Facebook or drop me an email ( with the details and I will update the list. Remember it's just a bit of fun and I am not going to go through your WA list with a fine-toothed comb. Trust is the name of the game!


1) All birds must be seen and clearly identified within the boundaries of Western Australia. That included offshore islands (Browse, Barrow etc) but not those outside WA jurisdiction, so sorry but no records from Ashmore & Cartier Reefs, Christmas Island and Cocos Island!

2) Records of birds at sea are acceptable within a 200NM limit of the WA coast.

3) Taxonomy will follow the latest IOC list

Western Australia Totals (IOC 2016)

Name                                       Total                Recent additions to list

Frank O'Connor                         503                 House Crow, Eurasian Hobby
George Swann                          490                 Blue Rock-Thrush, Tree Sparrow
Adrian Boyle                              469                 Night Parrot
Alan Collins                               468                 Oriental Cuckoo, Grey Honeyeater
Nigel Jackett                             464                  Large-billed Gerygone
Rohan Clarke                            460                  Shy Albatross, Black-browed Albatross
Stewart Ford                             451                  Grey-faced Petrel
John Graff                                 450                  Red-chested Button-quail
Sue Abbotts                              445                  Grey-headed Lapwing
Nathan Waugh                          426                  Eurasian Hobby
Bill Rutherford                           426                  Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross
Nick Brown                                424                 Spinifexbird, Painted Finch
Mark Newman                          422                  Grey-headed Lapwing
Peter Taylor                              421                  Eurasian Curlew
Martin Cake                              416                  Little Ringed Plover, Flock Bronzewing
Rose Ferrell                              411
Bruce Greatwich                       407                  Double-banded Plover
Xenia Dennett                           388
Robyn Pickering                        381                South Polar Skua, Sooty Shearwater
Ross Jones                               349                  Ground Cuckoo-shrike, Roseate Tern
Carolyn Turnbull                        320                  Ground Cuckoo-shrike, Inland Dotterel
Sean Van Alphen                      314 
Jenny Knox                               312                  Red-necked Phalarope, Gilbert's Whistler